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Our CC01k is trusted with millions of guitars around the world as the most reliable guitar hanger in a variety of applications. Featuring our simple, yet innovative deep cradle design, known as the “Guitar Keeper”, this wall mount is key to securely resting your guitar without movement. It even prevents the guitar from being improperly placed on the hanger, ensuring consistently safe support for your precious instrument.

The yoke can pivot to accommodate various sizes and shapes of headstocks allowing you to integrate a variety of guitars. Acoustic and electric guitars are perfectly cradled and hanging straight on the CC01K.

The Guitar Keeper is attached to a wall mount of North American hardwood, handcrafted by local Amish craftsmen. We offer four wood options including Cherry, Oak, Ash, and Black Walnut. The hanger uses protective padding to protect the finish of a valuable guitar. With the support of the CC01K, any guitarist can benefit from optimized storage and an awesome display of their favorite guitar(s)!

  • Made in the USA
  • The CC01K is an upgrade of our original CC01, we added the “K” (for Keeper) to distinguish between the two!
  • We encourage measuring the width of your guitar neck to choose the appropriate yoke.
  • For wider classical and bass guitars, we would recommend purchasing the original CC01
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Questions about nitrocellulose? See our statement here.

Specifications & Installation

Flat Wall Installation:

Choose a location on the wall for the hanger. Press screws through mounting holes of the hanger into the wall using a Phillips screwdriver. If a wall stud is not found, these pilot holes are necessary for installing the drywall anchors. To do this, use the screwdriver to push and turn the toggle clockwise until flush. Remount hanger with screw into anchors. DO NOT REUSE ANCHORS. The weight limit for use of this hanger is 15 lbs or less.

What type of guitar fits on the CC01K?

- The pivoting yoke on the CC01K allows you to fit a wide range of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. For guitars with wider necks, including classical and bass guitars, we would recommend purchasing the original CC01. We encourage you to measure the width of your guitar neck before choosing the appropriate yoke, but for more information, you can contact our customer service team!

What is the weight limit of the CC01K?

- The hanger weight limit is 15 lbs per hanger.

Can this product hold other instruments too? Ukuleles, banjos, etc.

- We feature a variety of hangers specifically designed to mount other stringed instruments including ukuleles, violins, banjos, cellos, and dulcimers. These use the same innovative cradle design to safely hold every stringed instrument you own. You can order whichever hanger best matches your instrument or the width of your neck.

s this product safe to use for guitars with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish?

- When it comes to nitrocellulose, our material will not eat into the nitro of your guitar as most foam and rubber racks do. Fender, Gibson, and Martin, all use our products in their showrooms, and for trade shows on their standard and high nitro-finished guitars. However, there are some things that are out of our control that prevent us from putting an unconditional guarantee that no marking will ever occur. Please read more in our Nitrocellulose Statement.

What is String Swing's shipping & returns policy?

- We offer free shipping on orders over $25 (RETAIL SALES ONLY). Free shipping does not apply to Dealer or Distributor sales, nor does it pertain to any additional handling charge for oversized boxes. If your order includes an oversized package, you will still be charged this handling fee. Free Shipping Policy uses Standard or Ground Shipping Services within the 48 contiguous states only. If you would like to return a display fixture for non-warranty reasons and be issued a refund, please follow the process specified in our returns policy.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

The Best Guitar Hanger On the Market

String Swing has perfected the art of guitar hanging with the innovative CC01K hanger. With quality materials, an innovative configuration, and an elegant design, the CC01K is the best in its class. The deep-cradle design and pivoting yoke can accommodate the needs of any guitar owner. From accessibility to safety, convenience, and aesthetics, our Guitar Keeper is the key to experiencing all the benefits of a mounted stringed instrument.

Installation Instructions

Piece Together a Unique Guitar Wall

Our CC01K can help elevate and optimize any space from home studios to bedrooms, offices, classrooms, stores, and more. With easy installation and a versatile design, you can incorporate your unique collection on any wall and create a customized display to be proud of. Piece together a select number of Guitar Keepers to safely secure your entire collection.

Trusted Guitar Storage

We are proud to make simple, effective, and safe guitar storage solutions accessible to every guitar owner. Our CC01K features the unique design and quality materials that make up every String Swing product. We offer a variety of hangers, racks, and stands for more guitars, more convenience, and even more accessibility. String Swing is committed to providing American-made instrument storage solutions to any guitarist, business owner, or teacher.

To learn more about what guitar storage solution is best for your unique collection, contact our customer service team. We're ready to exceed your guitar storage needs!