String Swing - Display fixtures for the music industry, store fixtures,school fixtures, and home fixtures. Hangers and holders for all musical instruments.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the difference between the “W” and “N”?

A: Wide (W) means “wide body” instrument; or acoustic. Narrow (N) means “narrow body” instrument; or electric. This is pertaining to the depth of the body of the instrument. A “wide” fixture will allow more space from the wall, & will work for both acoustics & electrics. A “narrow” fixture will only work for electrics or narrow-body instruments.

Q: What is the “yoke”?

A: The yoke is the “Y” shaped part which holds the instrument. This part may be adjusted to fit the headstock of your instrument; simply squeeze the arms together, or pull them apart. We also have different yokes to accommodate different instruments. Example: Guitar, Banjo, Violin, Ukulele/Mandolin, Dulcimer, and a special yoke for a 6-7 String Bass.

Q: How can you tell if you have left or right facing hangers?

A: If you are facing the wall, and the guitars are turned toward your left hand, they are left facing hangers, and vice-versa.

Q: How can you tell if you currently have 30? or 65? hangers?

A: Put a tape measure against the wall plate and measure straight out from the wall to where the yoke screws into the end of the arm. (Do not follow the bend in the arm when measuring.) The 30? will measure 6.5” straight out, and the 65? will measure 9.25”.

Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A: Start to finish… in the great state of Wisconsin, USA!

Q: Where do your products ship from?

A: Ontario, WI – United States

Q: Can I get hangers like a music store has to use on the wall in my home?

A: Yes, all of our hangers are manufactured in 4 wall types; slatwall, flat wall, gridwall, and pegboard.  We also manufacture three convenient types of slatwall rail systems, so you can have all the versatility of a store right in your own home!

Q: Will your guitar hanger work for most other types of instruments?

A: It will hang many other types of instrument, but we make specific yokes/cradles for almost every type of instrument, and we recommend using the yoke/cradle that is made for use the type of instrument that you would like to display.

Q: Do your slatwall hangers secure to the slatwall system that I am using?

A: Yes! We have incorporated a new type of locking system that is easier to use.  It's stock number is: "CLIP" if you wish to look it up in our quick search.  This slatwall clip is sent along with EVERY slatwall hanger that is purchased.

Q: Should I hang an instrument with an asymmetric headstock in a String Swing hanger?

A: Yes! The yoke is designed to pivot so that no matter what type of heastock design your instruemnt has, the hanger will keep the instrument completely vertical. We recommend to turn the yoke all the way into the fixture and give is 1/2 turn back out, so it can freely pivot to adjust to the instrument's headstock style.

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