Keyboard Displays for Reinforced Slatwall | BCCKTA-SW

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Works well to display mixers of all sizes!

  • Display racks perpendicular to the wall
  • 15 different display angles between 0 and 90 degress
  • The arms can be hinged from any of the top 3 holes
  • Large mixers stand on the arms and tilt to lean against the wall
  • Similar to the CCOK9, except the arms of this rack telescope from 12" to 21"
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by a lifetime structural warranty

Not recommended for use on non-reinforced slatwall

Installation Instructions:

Slatwall: Hook the clip into your slatwall system, just to the left of the hanger.  Then, gently pull the lip open on the right edge of the clip, and slide it over the hanger plate. Make sure that the lip has locked in place securely around the right edge of the plate. (This clip allows for movement of the plate, without allowing it to lift off your slatwall when the instrument is removed.)

Lifetime Structural Warranty