Mic / Music Stand Clip for Band Instruments

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Designed for use on a stage.

Hang your instrument on your microphone stand or music stand during performance.

Fits the top or bottom half of most stands.

Works well with round bottom and tripod stands.

Attaches to any pipe up to 1" diameter.

  • Secured with a thumb screw.

    The HH04 can be paired up with a FLAT WALL version of the following units:

  • HH11*: Flugelhorn/Soprano Sax
  • HH12*: Trumpet
  • HH13*: Clarinet
  • HH15*: Flute
  • HH15P*: Piccolo
  • HH25*: Oboe

    (*Hangers are sold separately from this clip.)



A= 3.5"

B= 2.375"

C= 1"



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BHH04 - Mic / Music Stand Clip for Band Instruments - Black