Stagehand Drink Holder

  • Stagehand Drink Holder

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Now available in two sizes! Standard for pop cans and bottles, XL for large water bottles and travel mugs. 

Our Stagehand Drink Holder is the most versatile & affordable product of its kind in the market. This unit is produced in-house, on our precision CNC automated bender. It quickly secures to most stands for convenient storage of your beverage.

Fits all mic/music/cymbal stands, ranging from ½"-1" in diameter. Works great for cans, cups, bottles & more! 


A= 3.5"

B= 5.5"

C= 8.5"

D= 3.5"



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XLSH01 - Stagehand Drink Holder - XL
SH01 - Stagehand Drink Holder - Standard