Strong Wall - Aluminum Slatwall Rail

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*Due to an increased shipping surcharge these are no longer cost efficient unless buying in bulk. Please give us a call if you wish to purchase these or check out our 4 foot version.*
Both styles of rails are extruded aluminum, which offers the highest strength slatwall available on the market today!  Sold in 8-foot lengths & available in a durable black vein, silver vein or copper vein powder coat finish.


SW1 Rail:  This rail is designed for 3-inch slatwall fixtures that display stringed instruments such as guitars, violins, ukuleles or band and orchestral instruments.

SW2 Rail:  This rail is designed for 4-inch or 6-inch slatwall fixtures that display heavier items such as keyboards, drums or heavy amps.  The SW2 is also complete with tongue-and-groove tabs and can be inverted to stack seamlessly with the SW1 rail... resulting in a slatwall sheet effect.

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 Sold only in 8 ft. lengths - not sold in sheets.

  • (If needed, installer may easily cut the rail to specific lengths.)

    Length: 96"
    Depth: 0.625"
    Height: (SW1) 4.5" - (SW2) 6.25"
    Weight: (SW1) 7.5 lbs. - (SW2) 9 lbs.


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SW1-S - Strong Wall - Aluminum Slatwall Rail - Silver Vein
SW1-C - Strong Wall - Aluminum Slatwall Rail - Copper Vein
SW1-B - Strong Wall - Aluminum Slatwall Rail - Black Vein

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