String Swing® is not responsible for damaged instruments provided the following:

  • The method in which the purchaser attaches the hanger to the wall.
  • The strength of the wall material it is placed on.
  • Use of the hanger without Keeper Rings (when recommended).

String Swing® is not responsible for marking a guitar provided the following:

  • If a different hanger was used to previously hang your guitar.
  • If the tubing was cleaned with a solution prior to hanging your guitar.
  • Displaying a White Gibson® or NOS Fender® Custom without consulting String Swing®.

String Swing® has tested new white tubing that is potentially safer for the unique finish on these guitars. However, at this time; it is not available for purchase on this website. If you would like to order or inquire about this material, please email us at contact@stringswing.com or call toll free 888.455.6628 or 608.435.6628 for international calls.

Thank you for your business.