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If an ordinary guitar hanger just won't do for your extraordinary guitar, look to String Swing Custom Shop to set it apart from the rest! These hangers are crafted from strikingly unique hardwoods which only develop under very specific circumstances. Five wood types to choose from!  **Natural wood color will vary.**

Crafted in the USA using North American hardwoods.

The mounting plate is hidden, creating a clean, finished look with no visible mounting hardware. (Mounting hardware is included.)

The "Guitar Keeper" is a deep cradle design that prevents the guitar from being improperly placed in its hanger - in turn - promoting safer handling of your instrument. Keeper Strap included for additional peace of mind. It may even help keep your guitar in its hanger during an earthquake (See video footage here!).

The padded, adjustable cradle pivots to hold the guitar's headstock which is an ideal design for guitars with single or uneven heels. The cradle included on this hanger is the Yoke-K.

Specifications (all types):

Mounting Instructions:

Choose location for hanger.  Drive screws through mounting holes of metal plate into wall using a phillips screwdriver.  If a wall stud is not found, these pilot holes are necessary for installing the drywall anchors.  To do this, use the screwdriver to push and turn the anchor clockwise until flush.  Remount metal plate with screws into anchors.  DO NOT REUSE ANCHORS.

Assembly Instructions: Use wood block to cover metal plate.  Once in place, thread cradle in all the way, then back out 1/2 turn to desired position.  Allow cradle to pivot freely. 

Lifetime Warranty