Guitar and Case Floor Rack Set | CC34-29

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CC34 + CC29

This guitar display rack and case rack bundle are perfect for guitarists looking to stay organized while also enjoying their collection.

Guitar Case Rack (CC29):

Neatly organize up to 5 guitar cases (with or without guitars in them). This handcrafted, furniture-quality guitar case rack is a beautiful addition to your studio, living room, study, or music room. Maximize your space while preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your gear.

Guitar Floor Rack (CC34):

Safely holds up to 6 electric guitars, 3 acoustic guitars, or a combination of both! This Folding Guitar Rack is perfect for traveling or stationary storage. Each area the guitar rests on is padded with soft, durable tubing to ensure your guitar won't move around or scratch. As a side-loading inline storage rack, you can easily grab your guitar without worrying about touching the other guitars.

When the rack is full of guitars, the outside of an electric body is approximately 20" from the wall. The outside of an acoustic body is approximately 21" from the wall with 1" tuner peg clearance from the wall.

Installation Instructions:

Is the CC34-29 set made in the USA?

- Yes. We manufacture our entire product line in Wisconsin, USA.

How many guitars can I fit on the Guitar Rack & The Guitar Case Rack?

- The CC34 Guitar Storage Rack can hold 3 acoustic guitars, 6 electric guitars, or a combination of both. The CC29 Case Rack can organize up to 5 guitar cases.

Are these products safe to use for guitars with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish?

- When it comes to nitrocellulose, our material will not eat into the nitro of your guitar like most foam and rubber racks do. Fender, Gibson, and Martin, all use our products in their showrooms, and for trade shows on their standard and high nitro-finished guitars. However, there are some things that are out of our control that prevent us from putting an unconditional guarantee that no marking will ever occur. Please read more in our Nitrocellulose Statement.

Do you offer these products separately?

Yes! The CC34 Guitar Floor Rack and the CC29 Guitar Case Rack are both sold separately.

Can the CC34 hold electric bass guitars?

In most cases, it should work well. The only issue would be if the base of the guitar isn't wide enough to hit both of the bottom pads. They are 8 1/2" apart, and your guitar would need to measure this width 3" above the very bottom so it doesn't rest on the floor.

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Lifetime Structural Warranty

A Combination of the Best Guitar Floor Racks

Our CC34-29 bundle is the ultimate combination of accessibility and secure storage, offering a premium price on two of our best guitar stands. First, our CC34 guitar display rack safely and securely stores multiple guitars including 3 acoustic guitars, 6 electric guitars, or a combination of both. The CC29 is a functional addition, storing up to 5 guitar cases with or without guitars inside. This pair of multi-guitar stands can optimize floor space and provide safe storage for any guitar collection.

Installation Instructions

Secure Guitar Storage Solutions

When it comes to storing your valuable instruments, ensure you're utilizing high-quality materials and configurations you can trust for long-term protection. Cheap stands are often manufactured with foam and rubber padding that can risk damage to your guitar. Many alternative stands also utilize inefficient designs that lack functionality and long-term safekeeping.

Every String Swing product is made from the highest-quality materials and features designs that balance practicality with safe storage. Both the CC34 and the CC29 feature locally sourced and responsibly harvested hardwood crafted by local Amish craftsmen. The innovative protective padded contact points ensure stability and the preservation of your beautiful guitars.

High-Quality Guitar Products

No matter what size guitars, what type, or how many, String Swing is here to help. Our CC34-29 features easy assembly and is one of the best ways to store guitars in your home, music room, office, studio, or music shop. If this bundle doesn't suit your specific needs, we offer a wide selection of hangers, racks, and mounts for a variety of stringed instruments. Explore our guitar storage solutions and contact us to learn more about what storage system would best fit your collection.