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String Swing's CC34 Guitar Floor Rack safely and securely holds up to 6 electric guitars, 3 acoustic guitars, or a combination of both. Its folding ability makes it the best guitar rack for both traveling and stationary storage of your valuable guitars. The stand features a unique design with padded resting points to ensure your guitar is held in place and remains undamaged. As a side-loading inline guitar rack, you can easily grab your guitar without worrying about touching or damaging the other guitars. Made with the highest quality North American hardwoods, our Guitar Floor Rack is offered in black walnut or oak wood.

When the rack is full of guitars, the outside of an electric body is approximately 20" from the wall. The outside of an acoustic body is approximately 21" from the wall with 1" tuner peg clearance from the wall.

Installation Instructions:

Is the CC34 Guitar Rack made in the USA?

- Yes. We manufacture our entire product line in Wisconsin, USA.

How many guitars can I fit on this Guitar Floor Stand?

- The CC34 can hold 3 acoustic guitars, 6 electric guitars, or a combination of both.

Is this product safe to use for guitars with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish?

- When it comes to nitrocellulose, our material will not eat into the nitro of your guitar like most foam and rubber racks do. Fender, Gibson, and Martin, all use our products in their showrooms, and for trade shows on their standard and high nitro-finished guitars. However, there are some things that are out of our control that prevent us from putting an unconditional guarantee that no marking will ever occur. Please read more in our Nitrocellulose Statement.

Do you have any storage solutions to hold more guitars?

- We offer a wide selection of guitar racks and stands to fit your large collection. Check out our Double Floor Guitar Rack, Multi-Guitar Wall Rack for 10 Guitars, Guitar and Case Floor Rack Set, or contact us for more information on what products will fit your collection.

Can the CC34 hold electric bass guitars?

- In most cases, it should work well. The only issue would be if the base of the guitar isn't wide enough to hit both of the bottom pads. They are 8 1/2" apart, and your guitar would need to measure this width 3" above the very bottom so it doesn't rest on the floor.

Will this rack work for banjos?

- This rack is 30.5" tall- from the floor to the top rests. As long as your banjo is within those dimensions, you should be able to comfortably rest your banjo on this stand.

Can this guitar rack hold a double-neck guitar?

- We have no reason to believe this guitar rack will not accommodate a double-neck guitar. That said, you may have to move the bottom out just a tad so it is leaning back into the cradle more, as the center of gravity will be slightly different than a single-neck guitar.

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Lifetime Structural Warranty

The Best Materials & Design

Optimize floor space with a wood-framed guitar stand that offers both easy access and protection of your guitar. Our multi-guitar stand is crafted of locally sourced and responsibly harvested hardwood, adding beauty and convenience to any home, studio, office, or music shop.

Cheap stands will feature rubber or foam padding, both of which risk damage to your guitar. The CC34 multi-guitar stand, on the other hand, uses the highest-quality protective padding to cradle your guitar neck and ensure the protection of your valuable instrument.

Installation Instructions

Versatile Guitar Storage

With easy assembly instructions and secure storage, there's no doubt our CC34 is perfect for any guitarist in any setting. Whether you're a new guitar player or a virtuoso with a large collection, our guitar hangers, racks, and stands are designed for musicians by musicians, ensuring the most functional instrument storage solutions in your home studio, office, guitar shop, and beyond.

The efficient design of the CC34 fits your unique collection. It can act as a 3-guitar stand, accommodating three total acoustic guitars. If your collection is made up of both acoustic and electric guitars, the CC34 rack can also be utilized as a combination rack, storing a mix of guitars. Lastly, if you’re looking for storage for just electric guitars, the CC34 can become a 6-guitar stand, fitting up to six total electric guitars.

Trusted Guitar Products

Manufacturing guitar products since 1987, String Swing offers the best guitar storage solutions that are sure to avoid damage, optimize space, and provide functionality, no matter the type or quantity of guitars.

Our products are made right here in the USA to ensure high-quality materials, efficient designs, and consistent customer service. As a family-owned company, we are committed to advancing the music industry with the best guitar wall hangers, racks, and stands. We even offer products for ukuleles, banjos, violins, tubas, and much more. For the easiest shopping experience and the best instrument storage solution on the market, trust String Swing.