Hardwood Slatwall Rail

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Solid hardwood rails made of cherry, oak, walnut, or paint grade lend warmth to your display area, while the aluminum inserts ensure extra strength for supporting heavy items such as amps and keyboards. This rail system comes in a 4 foot section.
This rail system offers the same quailty, strength and versatility as the aluminium slatwall but is high quality hardwood. 
  • Each rail consists of 5 hardwood pieces and 2 aluminum inserts
    • Aluminum inserts give extra strength and durability
    • Wood is sanded and ready to finsh with varnish or oil
  • End caps are provided to finish the end of the rail
  • If all joints are staggered, this combination of pieces eliminates any unsightly splice areas on any length of the wall. 
  • Hangers will hook into the top insert and lock into the bottom insert. 
  • Order 3 inch slatwall hangers for this rail

Note on shipping and installation:

  • This slatwall is shipped as 5 individual pieces and they will need to be put together.
  • It will need to be finished.
  • The installation is in-depth and must be done by a contractor or someone with extensive wood-working knowledge.
  • Our shipping policy on the 8 foot rail changed on June 1st, 2018. For information on purchasing 8 foot lengths of rail please call 888.455.6628

Length: 48"

Height" 8.5"

Depth: 0.75"

Weight: 7.5 lbs

Lifetime Warranty