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String Swing offers our innovative instrument hanger made specifically for violins. The CC01V can safely and securely hang your most valuable violin alongside your violin bow. Optimize the storage of your single violin or piece together a collection wall with the help of our reliable wall mount.

The CC01V safely rests your violin on a padded cradle by the heel of the scroll, not the tuners! The durable hanger is attached to a North American hardwood block that comes in four color options. Trust our American-made process and high-quality materials for the ultimate support and protection of your instrument.

  • Displays 3/4 and 4x4 violins
  • Also holds 13"-17" violas
  • For smaller violins, check out the CC01VS
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by a lifetime structural warranty
  • Mounting hardware included

Specifications & Installation

Choose a location for your hanger. Drive screws through the mounting holes of your hanger into the wall using a Phillips screwdriver. If a wall stud is not found, these pilot holes are necessary for installing the plastic toggles. To do this, use a screwdriver to push and turn the toggle clockwise until flush. Mount the hanger with screws into plastic toggles. (If mounting to a concrete or brick surface, please do not use the enclosed hardware. Appropriate masonry screws can be bought at your local hardware store.) The recommended weight limit for the use of these hangers is 15lbs or less. Do not reuse toggles for remounting.

Is the CC01V hanger made in the USA?

- Yes. We manufacture our entire product line in Wisconsin, USA.

What instruments can the CC01V hold?

- Our standard violin hanger displays 3/4 and 4x4 violins and can even hold 13"-17" violas. For smaller violins, check out the CC01VS.

What materials is the CC01V stand made with?

- String Swing uses high-quality materials for every product. Our hangers are manufactured with United States-sourced steel and innovative protective padding that won’t damage your instrument like many foam and rubber-based products can. The hanger is mounted on a North American hardwood block, sourced from our local Amish community.

What is String Swing's shipping & returns policy?

- We offer free shipping on orders over $25 (RETAIL SALES ONLY). Free shipping does not apply to Dealer or Distributor sales, nor does it pertain to any additional handling charge for oversized boxes. If your order includes an oversized package, you will still be charged this handling fee. Free Shipping Policy uses Standard or Ground Shipping Services within the 48 contiguous states only. If you would like to return a display fixture for non-warranty reasons and be issued a refund, please follow the process specified in our returns policy.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

Safely Hang All Your Violins!

Expertly designed with soft, non-abrasive padding, String Swing hangers ensure gentle yet secure support of instruments to prevent any scratches or damage to the instrument's finish. The simplicity of CC01V design makes it an ideal choice to safely store any violin including your Stradivarius, Mendini, Cecilo, and Stentor. Plus, you can conveniently incorporate your violin bow to keep everything organized and protected.

Installation Instructions

Accessibility & Display of Your Violin

Our standard violin hangers will change the way you store and practice your violin by offering all the benefits of accessibility and display. Keeping your instrument in sight and top of mind will not only encourage you to practice but will also elevate your personal space. Whether you're a passionate violinist, collector, store owner, or beginner, this hanger ensures that your instrument is always within reach while enhancing its visual appeal.

Simple & Effective Instrument Storage

At String Swing, we are proud to offer a wide range of simple, effective, and safe instrument storage solutions. Our CC01V features the unique design and quality materials that make up every String Swing product. We offer a wide range of products to include your entire music collection and optimize your current setup!

To learn more about our instrument storage solutions and what products are best for you, contact our customer service team.