Create a musical getaway within your home or at the studio using a String Swing violin wall mount. Our violin products are designed with a variety of North American hardwood grain and strong metal plate options to meet your desired look.

Maintaining Accessibility & Safe Display

Instrument storage can be complicated, especially for violinists. On one hand, you want your violin to remain accessible to encourage you to pick it up and practice more often. On the other hand, you want to be certain your instrument is safe from harm.

Locking your musical instrument away in its hard case might seem like the only option to keep your precious violin truly safe, but this restricts accessibility and limits your practice time. With the right climate, products, and configurations, your violin can be uniquely and safely displayed in a variety of settings.

Mounts, Hangers, & Stands for Your Violin

String Swing manufactures the best storage solutions for any violin or violin collection. Customize the display of your instruments with a variety of configurations, colors, and styles to choose from. Our classic CC10V Wall Mount Hanger is the go-to for a variety of violins including a Stradivarius, Mendini, Cecilo, or Stentor. With an integrated bow holder, this mount has it all. 

For smaller violins including your favorite Yamacha, D Z Strad, Johannes Kohr, or even Cremona, our CC01VS is another handmade violin wall hanger you can trust to securely mount your beautiful instrument and bow.

We even feature the CC53 Stand for ukuleles, violins, and mandolins. This product optimizes floor space and is great for both stationary and portable storage. No matter which violin stand, hanger, or mount best fits your collection and space, String Swing can provide the most reliable storage.

Sturdy Support & Safe Materials

One of the most important parts of violin preservation is using high-quality products, materials, and configurations to store your valuable instrument. Much like other string instruments, violins are crafted with fragile wood and require delicate care.

At String Swing, we prioritize the safety of your expensive instruments. Our entire manufacturing process happens right here in the United States and uses high-quality materials including locally sourced natural wood, heavy-duty steel, and innovative protective padding. Designed by musicians for musicians, our configurations offer convenient, sturdy, and modular storage for any collection.

Whether you're investing in a violin hanger, stand, or another instrument storage solution, you can rest easy in an effective and reliable product.

Violin Storage Solutions For Every Setting

Building a home studio or music room? Or maybe you’re simply storing your favorite violin in your bedroom or office? String Swing optimizes instrument storage in every setting. Our products are perfect for storing your violin in both small and large areas, optimizing the available wall and floor space. The natural wood color options and simple padded cradle can help blend in with a variety of interior styles.

Don't overlook safe and accessible storage while performing. Our stage hangers attach to your music stand, mic stand, or amp during performances on stage or in the rehearsal studio.

We can also help address storage on a larger scale. From a growing violin collection to a music instrument store to a classroom, safe storage and convenient displays are key to optimizing your inventory. Combine multiple violin holders or explore our storage systems including our CC54 Violin Tree Rack and custom wall displays.

Don’t take our word for it

How to Hang Your Violin Instrument

Mounting your violin brings a lot of benefits. With the right environment and products, a violin hanger can offer aesthetic display, accessibility, and organization to any room.

Appreciated for the hassle-free installation process, hanging your violin has never been easier with String Swing. Select a wall location and screw the hanger into place. If the mounting screws don't hit a wall stud, use the included drywall anchors. Position the cradle into the block's hole and adjust it until it fits snugly. Our stands are also designed for easy construction, providing customers with a straightforward and effective product.

American-Made Storage Solutions

Optimize storage outside of the violin case with safe, reliable products from String Swing. As a top brand in the music industry, String Swing has offered the best products to store, display, and protect a variety of instruments since 1987. From guitars to saxophones to ukuleles, you can rely on American-made solutions that prioritize quality.

Unsure about the best storage option for your instrument collection? Our dependable customer service team is available to assist you with any questions and provide guidance on how to safely store your valuable instruments. Contact us today!