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The most convenient guitar display package on the market, our SW5RL-K features our heavy-duty Strongwall rail paired with five CCO3RL-3-K guitar hangers. This system is a go-to for many guitar owners, hanging any combination of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. The guitar hangers are fully adjustable in spacing and even have the ability to pivot up to 180°.

When it comes to hanging your guitar collection, secure support, accessibility, and display are key. Much like all String Swing products, our multiple guitar rack is designed and manufactured with high-quality materials to provide the most reliable and effective storage solution. The aluminum slatwall rail spans multiple studs, giving you confidence your guitars are being securely supported. Choose from a variety of great color options including black, silver, copper, white, and walnut print. To top it all off, our racks and hangers are always made in the USA and backed by a lifetime structural warranty.

  • Looking to add hangers? Buy more here!
  • Hanger Weight Limit: 15 lbs each
  • Rail Weight Limit: 50 lbs per mounting point (stud)
  • Questions about nitrocellulose? See our statement here.
  • Product Design Update NOTE: As of 11/15/2022 this product ships with two 24" rails that are joined together before mounting to the wall.


Installation Instructions:

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SW5RL-BW Instructions:

How many guitars can fit on the SW5RL-K?

- As is, the SW5RL-K can hold up to 5 guitars. If you’re looking to hang more guitars, our SW10RL-K is its big brother that can accommodate up to 10 guitars. You can also purchase more hangers through this link.

What is the weight limit of the SW5RL-K?

- The rail weight is 50 lbs per mounting point, or per stud. The hanger weight limit is 15 lbs per hanger.

Can this product hold other instruments too? Ukuleles, banjos, etc.

- Our slatwall rails can incorporate a variety of stringed instruments. You’ll have to purchase the right hangers for whatever instrument you’re looking to hang. Please type "yoke" into the search bar on our website. Then look for the listing that says "5/8" bolt length". This will provide the widths of all of the yokes that we have for the arms on your rack unit. You can order whichever yoke matches your instrument or the width of your neck.

Is this product safe to use for guitars with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish?

- When it comes to nitrocellulose, our material will not eat into the nitro of your guitar as most foam and rubber racks do. Fender, Gibson, and Martin, all use our products in their showrooms, and for trade shows on their standard and high nitro-finished guitars. However, there are some things that are out of our control that prevent us from putting an unconditional guarantee that no marking will ever occur. Please read more in our Nitrocellulose Statement.

What is String Swing's shipping & returns policy?

- We offer free shipping on orders over $25 (RETAIL SALES ONLY). Free shipping does not apply to Dealer or Distributor sales, nor does it pertain to any additional

Lifetime Structural Warranty

Display Your Valuable Collection

Your guitar collection means a lot to you and deserves to be properly stored and displayed. It might be tempting to hide your guitars away for safekeeping, but hard cases keep you from playing your instrument and take up too much space. Not only does the SW5RL-K create a convenient and secure solution, but it also keeps your guitars easily accessible, making it more likely for you to pick up and practice your craft.

The Ultimate 5-Guitar Rack Package

Our SW5RL-K package comes with it all. First, two 24-inch Strongwall rails are the base of your system, made with high-quality aluminum and powder coated for durability. Next, five CC03RL-3-K hangers secure each instrument in place, softly cradling the necks with durable protective padding. Finished off with five slatwall clips, four endcaps, and all the mounting hardware you need, you’re ready to create the guitar wall you’ve been dreaming of.

The Guitar Wall Opportunities Are Endless

With easy installation and sturdy support, every guitarist can build the guitar wall of their dreams. Whether you’re optimizing space in your bedroom, building a unique display in your living room, or keeping your guitars accessible in your home studio, our multi-guitar rack is the way to go. It’s even a great retail display, offering a full view of guitars in your inventory and the modular ability to add or subtract guitars as you need.

String Swing is here to help you build the guitar wall of your dreams. Contact us today for more information.