Plush Cradle Cover for Nitro Safe Guitar Hanger

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Our Plush Cradle Cover has been thoroughly tested and precisely designed to provide an extra layer of protection for nitrocellulose guitar finishes. The cover is a dye-free soft instrument case lining cloth that slips easily onto the cradles of our guitar hangers. Adding the plush cover further mitigates the possibility of marking on extremely sensitive finishes so you can confidently store some of your more delicate guitars for your home music studio or room. 


Using the plush cradle cover reduces pressure around the contact points of the hanger and your instrument's neck, providing the necessary airflow for the nitro finish and preventing any transfer of dyes. The design of the cover and the cradle keeps your instrument fully secure while giving the neck the ability to breathe. 


This cover is compatible with any of our keeper cradle guitar wall mounts and is sourced, stitched, and sewn in the USA to provide you with a true USA-made product.


  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Dye-free soft instrument case lining cloth
  • Easily slips onto our guitar wall mounts
  • Excellent for delicate nitro finish guitars
  • Extra protection against markings on your favorite guitars