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Our CC53 music stand is a versatile tool to store ukuleles, violins, and mandolins. It can optimize floor space and provide easy access in a variety of settings. Whether you're looking for a simple and safe solution in your home, office, studio, classroom, or store, String Swing offers the highest quality options.

Is the CC53 Stand made in the USA?

- Yes. We manufacture our entire product line in Wisconsin, USA.

What instruments can the CC53 stand to hold?

- This music stand is designed to securely stand ukuleles, mandolins, and violins. Outside of these string instruments, you’ll have to refer to our specifications and compare them to the size of your particular instrument.

What materials is the CC53 stand made with?

- String Swing uses high-quality materials for every product. Our CC53 ukulele, mandolin, and violin stand are manufactured with United States-sourced steel and innovative protective padding that won’t damage your instrument like many foam and rubber-based products can.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

Music Stands for Every Setting

Floor stands are resourceful pieces to store a variety of string instruments. They offer both support and protection along with accessibility that will encourage you to play more often. No matter what instrument you're storing, ensure long-term preservation with high-quality materials and effective designs. Our products are made for musicians, by musicians to guarantee a functional storage solution for your valuable ukuleles, violins, and mandolins.

Ukulele Stand

Our CC53 is designed to accommodate different sizes, styles, and types of ukuleles. Like most string instruments, ukuleles are fragile and require a sturdy support system you can rely on. Our floor ukulele rack is the perfect height to cradle your ukulele with padded contact points that ensure protection. This is the perfect stand for any musician from beginner to advanced.

Violin Stand

From classical to electric, this stand is also ideal to rack your favorite violin. Not only does it provide easy storage at home, but also easy transport if you're headed to a music class or session. It will keep your valuable instrument safe and accessible no matter where you choose to utilize it!

Mandolin Stand

Accommodate a variety of mandolin styles onto the CC53 rack to optimize floor space and keep your mandolin safe and secure. Our mandolin stand can provide easy access and an appealing display of your unique instrument to elevate your home studio, classroom, or shop.

Solutions for a Variety of Stringed Instruments

String Swing aims to provide high-quality storage to every musician and every instrument. We feature a variety of hangers, racks, and stands for string and even brass and wind instruments. If you're looking for a simple, yet effective product for your violin, ukulele, or mandolin, trust our customer service team to find the product that best fits your needs.