Designed specifically for your ukulele or mandolin, String Swing offers multiple quality ukulele hangers to securely display your instrument while remaining accessible.

Ukulele & Mandolin Storage Solutions

When it comes to storing a ukulele, you might be tempted to keep your instrument locked away in its case, and while this might be good for transportation, it keeps you from practicing and displaying your favorite stringed instrument. Using a safe and secure display system, floor stand, or wall hanger will bring a variety of benefits to musicians, business owners, and teachers.

Whether you're looking to horizontally display, vertically mount, or simply stand your ukulele or mandolin, String Swing offers the best solutions. Our products will prioritize effective storage while also offering a convenient and appealing display of your valuable instrument. For American-made, high-quality storage solutions, trust String Swing.

Mounts, Hangers, & Stands for Your Ukulele

We offer a few different configurations, colors, and styles to choose from. Starting with our mounts, our classic, hardwood ukulele wall hanger is a popular option that utilizes our locally sourced, sustainably harvested hardwood. The metal version of our ukulele hanger comes in a wide selection of colors, perfect to match the style of any bedroom, home office, or studio. Our hangers utilize an adjustable yoke, with the ability to pivot and accommodate a variety of headstocks. 

If a horizontal display better suits your space, we offer our horizontal wall mount that can accommodate a ukulele, mandolin, or even a violin. This design features an adjustable display angle to get your wall mount just right.

Our ukulele stand is another solution to store smaller stringed instruments. Music stands are great for both stationary and portable storage. No matter where you use it, you can rely on our ukulele stand to optimize floorspace and provide easy access to your instrument.

Safe Materials & Convenient Configurations

As a member of the string instrument family, ukuleles are fragile instruments made of thin wood. This makes it crucial to properly store your valuable collection to reduce the risk of scratches, dings, and damage.

We offer reliable storage solutions for your instruments, including your favorite ukulele or mandolin. Made right here in the USA, our manufacturing team utilizes the best materials including locally sourced wood, US steel, and innovative protective padding. We provide a superior mounting design that is used by millions of musicians around the world. Our goal is to make industrial-grade hangers and racks accessible to everyone!

Displaying Ukuleles in Any Setting

Made for musicians, by musicians, String Swing creates the most functional designs that can bring real benefits to a variety of settings. Mount your ukulele or collection in your home office, bedroom, or living room. Our products will help optimize floor and wall space while creating a beautiful display in residential settings.

And of course, safe instrument storage expands beyond your home. Accessibility is key with our stage storage solutions, perfect for mounting ukuleles, violins, and mandolins on a music stand, mic stand, or amp during a performance.

Our racks and stands are also great to promote safe and secure storage in a classroom or store. The CC54 Ukulele or Violin Tree is a popular product that helps music teachers or business owners organize larger collections.

Don’t take our word for it

How To Hang Your Ukulele

Utilizing the right ukulele or mandolin hanger is key to experiencing all the benefits of displaying your instruments. From easy access to interior design, hanging your favorite instrument is a game changer.

One of the (many) great parts of String Swing products is the easy installation process. Simply choose your wall location and screw your hanger into the wall. If the mounting screws don’t hit a wall stud, add the included drywall anchors. Turn the cradle into the hole of the block until snug and in the correct position. Our stands also provide an easy construction process to ensure a simple, effective solution for every customer.

Quality Instrument Storage Solutions

Since 1987, String Swing has become an innovator and leader in the music industry, known for the best products to store, display, and protect a variety of instruments. With an emphasis on quality and American-made solutions, we provide a variety of displays to personalize your storage. From guitar to trumpet to ukulele and violin products, we create the best storage solutions to mount, rack, or hang string, wind, and brass instruments. 

Not sure what is best for your ukulele or instrument collection? Contact our reliable customer service team to learn more about our offerings and how to safely store your valuable instruments!