Free your saxophone from its case to create an accessible, secure, and convenient display of your favorite instrument. Our innovative wall mounts will change the way you store your saxophone.

Safely Store Your Saxophone

Properly storing your saxophone is essential to preserve its structural integrity, sound quality, and overall performance. As experts in the instrument storage industry, String Swing crafts the most secure and reliable solutions for all your brass and wind instruments. Our hangers are proudly manufactured in the USA using high-quality, powder-coated steel. Each of our racks is equipped with innovative protective padding to safeguard your saxophone from scratches, secure your instrument in place, and absorb vibrations and impact.

Optimize Storage Outside of the Saxophone Case

Why confine your beautiful saxophone to its case when you can proudly display it in your personal spaces? Storing your saxophones on wall mounts not only frees up storage but also allows you to showcase their elegance and craftsmanship. From music studios to living rooms, retail displays, and classrooms, the sleek curves and polished brass of saxophones serve as captivating focal points, inspiring creativity and infusing spaces with a touch of elegance.

Maintain Accessibility to Your Instruments

With our saxophone wall mounts, you'll never have to worry about rummaging through cases or dealing with tangled straps. By displaying your saxophones on the wall, they become a functional part of your space, always within arm's reach. Whether you're a professional musician or a passionate enthusiast, having your saxophones easily accessible encourages regular practice and improvement. Let your instruments inspire you by keeping them on display.

Innovative Saxophone Holders

String Swing offers storage solutions designed for musicians by musicians. This means the most functional, convenient, and reliable hangers. We offer a range of configurations, from adjustable two-piece holders to vertical stands and our alto and tenor sax holder, to suit your unique saxophone display preferences and allow you to showcase in different orientations. Specially designed to cradle your instruments without putting excessive strain on keywork or delicate components, you can rest assured that our saxophone wall mounts are the safest on the market.

Don’t take our world for it

How to Hang Your Saxophone

With simple, yet effective hangers, String Swing makes hanging your saxophone simple. First, consider your storage considerations and select an appropriate location that is easily accessible. Use a stud finder to locate a sturdy wall stud for optimal stability. Once you've found a suitable spot, rely on simple instructions and included mounting hardware to get the job done.

Trusted Instrument Storage Solutions

At String Swing, we take pride in providing high-quality instrument storage solutions that musicians around the world trust. We understand the value of your saxophones and the importance of keeping them in prime condition. With our saxophone wall mounts, you can showcase your instruments while optimizing storage and protecting your instrument.

For more instrument storage solutions, explore our wide range of brass and wind products or our string instrument hangers and piece together the most unique musical instrument display on the market!