Our trumpet storage solutions are simple yet innovative products that optimize space and protect any number of trumpets. Whether you’re in search of an accessible at-home display, an eye-catching retail system, or a convenient classroom setup, our horizontal and vertical trumpet mounts can help.

Safe Instrument Storage

At String Swing, we understand the importance of keeping your instruments safe. Whether you’re a music shop owner, professional musician, passionate enthusiast, or beginner, your trumpet collection and inventory deserve the utmost care and protection. We also understand the benefits of displaying instruments. Wall-mounted storage solutions can offer musicians accessibility, convenience, protection, and an awesome display of their favorite instrument.

Escaping the Trumpet Case

Brass instruments come in many shapes and sizes making them a challenge to store. Many of us rely on stashing them away in their cases, but String Swing is here to offer a new storage solution that mounts your instrument when not in use, optimizes space, and, best of all, encourages you to pick up your trumpet and practice.

Keep Your Trumpets Accessible

When it comes to instruments, the value of accessibility is often overlooked. Not only does it keep your craft and practice routine at the top of your mind, but it also keeps your trumpet safe, secure, and ready to be played or packed up for travel. No more forgetting about your trumpet locked away in its case, mounting your instrument will ensure more appreciation of and better access to your trumpet collection.

Versatile Trumpet Holders

Every musician has unique preferences, instruments, and space constraints, which is why we offer different mounting configurations and a wide range of instrument storage solutions.

Our horizontal trumpet mount is a simple yet effective design that safely cradles your trumpet and displays your instrument at any angle. The minimalist hanger can complement any room decor, band room setup, or retail display system while showing off the beautiful, intricate details of a trumpet.

If you're looking to optimize your storage space or have limited wall space, our vertical holder is the ideal solution. This innovative mount takes up minimal wall space while still showcasing your instrument's beauty. The compact design makes it a great choice for music studios, apartments, closets, or any space where convenient storage is a priority.

Don’t take our world for it

How to Hang Your Trumpet

Before choosing exactly where to hang your trumpet, you'll first want to consider a few factors that will ensure safety and longevity. Avoid areas prone to extreme temperatures, high humidity, or direct sunlight, as these can damage your instrument. If possible, it is important to mount your trumpet to a wall stud for complete and long-lasting support.

With easy installation and all the necessary mounting hardware, setting up your trumpet display will be a breeze. Simply choose your wall location and screw the hanger into the wall stud.

Trusted Instrument Storage Solutions

At String Swing, we offer a variety of storage solutions to help every musician experience the benefits of a conveniently mounted instrument. Every product is designed and manufactured in the United States to ensure a quality solution that will protect your entire collection — trumpets, saxophones, guitars, violins, and more.

Explore our wide range of brass hangers, string instrument solutions, and build a customized instrument wall today!