Wall Mount Alto or Tenor Saxophone Holder | BHH17

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Our BHH17 is the best saxophone mount on the market. With easy set screw adjustments, the holder can be modified to fit your particular saxophone, whether it's an alto, tenor, or curved soprano. The square rods are crafted to prevent support arms from rotating or slipping, ensuring your saxophone remains securely in place.

  • Adjustable for alto, tenor, or curved sopranos
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by a lifetime structural warranty
  • Mounting hardware included (flat wall)
  • Slatwall Clip included (slatwall)

Specifications & Instructions

Installation Instructions (Flat Wall and Slatwall):


Lifetime Structural Warranty

Storing & Displaying Your Saxophones

Storing a saxophone properly is essential to maintaining its appearance and functionality. Different saxophone types, such as alto and tenor, may have unique storage requirements. Our adjustable wall display considers these differences, providing a versatile, secure, and visually appealing storage solution that adjusts to meet the specific needs of each type. Optimize storage space and display your unique instrument to elevate your room and keep your instrument accessible.

Security Features & Quality Construction

Manufactured in the USA, our saxophone holder reflects String Swing's commitment to quality materials and configurations. Designed with square rods that prevent any slippage or rotation of the support arms, the holder offers robust security for your saxophone. Rest easy knowing your instrument is held securely, preserving both its beauty and playability.

The holder includes all necessary mounting hardware for a flat wall, along with a Slatwall Clip for slatwall installations, allowing you to display your saxophone on various surfaces without hassle.

Trusted Instrument Storage Solutions

Trusted by millions of instrument holders around the world, String Swing offers a wide range of instrument storage solutions. Our saxophone holder is a blend of thoughtful design, quality construction, and functionality. It considers the unique aspects of different saxophones, such as alto and tenor, ensuring proper and secure storage.

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