String Swing makes a variety of guitar wall hangers, racks, hooks, guitar floor stands and more. Satisfy all of your guitar storage needs; whether it be an acoustic, electric, classical, bass, headless or anything in between- we have you covered. 

Regardless your storage needs, String Swing has a solution for you.

Guitar Storage Solutions

The foundation of our brand, String Swing offers the best guitar storage solutions to mount, hang, or stand any number of guitars. Our products are guaranteed to keep your instrument safe and secure while also providing easy access and an appealing display of your favorite guitar or prized collection. Optimize any space with efficient designs including deep cradled wall hangers and folding floor racks.

Protecting Your Guitar

When storing your guitar, or any instrument for that matter, safe storage is key. The environment in which you store your guitar will make all the difference. According to Fender, ideal conditions for guitar storage include a temperature between 66-77 °F (19-25 °C) and a 40-50 percent humidity level. You can even purchase affordable humidifiers for your guitar room if you have trouble keeping a consistent humidity level.

Using high-quality materials is another essential element of safe guitar storage. Many cheap wall hangers will feature foam or rubber padding, both of which can eat into the nitro of your guitar and damage the exterior. Trusted with over 10 million guitars, String Swing products utilize the best materials to preserve your valuable instrument.

On top of the best materials, our team of guitar enthusiasts has created some of the most innovative configurations and designs to store your guitar safely. Our hangers and racks are designed to prevent improper placement and to securely support your guitar headstock.

Mounts, Hangers, & Stands for Any Guitar

No matter what guitar, guitarist, or collection, String Swing strives to create storage systems that meet every need.

String Swing's hangers and racks are the perfect balance of protection and accessibility. Our American-made products utilize the safest material on the market and feature innovative designs, including our adjustable cradles, to accommodate any guitar. Whether you're mounting your unique acoustic guitar or racking your collection of electric guitars, we have safe and secure storage solutions. We also offer a Classical Guitar Hanger for wide-neck guitars and a Horizontal Guitar Hanger for headless and bass guitars.

On top of the best mounts and hangers, we also feature guitar floor racks and guitar stands, perfect for optimizing floor space and keeping your guitar or guitar cases organized and accessible.

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Displaying Guitars in Any Setting

Our guitar holders can provide effective displays for your home. Whether you’re creating a whole guitar wall in your home studio or simply mounting your favorite guitar in your bedroom, we've got the right products to create an appealing display in any space.

String Swing also has experience beyond the home, providing efficient configurations to musicians, teachers, and store owners. This includes products to display or hold guitars on stage, in the classroom, or in retail environments. Whether you're redesigning a music room or guitar shop or you’re looking for the most functional pieces of stage equipment, our experts are here to help.

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How to Hang Your Guitar

Hanging your guitar comes with a lot of benefits. Keeping a guitar mounted optimizes wall space in your room while offering convenience and encouraging you to play on a daily basis. It also keeps your guitar secure, avoiding any accidents that can cause punctures or dings.

With easy installation and assembly, hanging a guitar on your wall or racking your guitar on a stand has never been easier. For our hangers, simply choose your wall location and screw it into the wall studs. Drywall anchors are included with all single guitar hangers if a wall stud isn't accessible, but multi guitar racks must be secured to the wall studs. Turn the cradle into the hole of the block until snug and in the correct position. Our guitar stands also feature the necessary hardware and an easy assembly process.

Trusted Products

String Swing has manufactured the best guitar storage solutions since 1987. As a family-owned business, our focus has always been on high-quality products that provide functionality and protection for any and every musician. We have since expanded beyond guitars to offer hangers and racks for a variety of instruments and equipment.

Our American-made products are the safest and most secure in the market. We offer adjustable designs to fit your unique guitar or guitar collection. Whether you're looking for a single hanger or designing a guitar display wall, contact our team of experts to help find a storage system to fit your unique needs.