String Swing’s banjo hangers are the most reliable banjo cradles with authentic North American hardwood blocks or hand-welded steel plates for premium durability, maximum support, and an appealing display of your banjo. 

Displaying Your Banjo

Whether you're an experienced banjo player with a large collection or just now introducing yourself to the iconic instrument, banjos offer a fun, energetic, and unique sound along with an awesome display.

We're all tempted to lock our stringed instruments away in a hard case to ensure peace of mind and safekeeping, but the reality is, you're missing out on an accessible, secure, and artistic instrument display. String Swing offers the best banjo wall hanger on the market to give banjo owners the opportunity to mount, appreciate, and play their valuable instrument.

The Key to Safely Mounting Your Instruments

When it comes to hanging a banjo, and really any musical instrument for that matter, you can't purchase any ol’ hook, throw it on the wall, and call it a day. A poorly mounted banjo can lead to damage and warping, which will affect the sound quality and overall value of your instrument.

The specific hanger, materials, and configuration you use are going to be the key to keeping your banjo sturdy and safe. A properly mounted banjo will also offer more functionality and easier access in your home studio, living room, office, bedroom, or wherever you choose to display your instrument.

Convenient & Functional Hangers

Built off of our industry-innovating CC01K Guitar Mount, String Swing offers the best banjo hanger on the market. Our mount provides the perfect display with a low-profile, reinforced cradle for maximum safety and banjo support. The cradle is crafted with American-sourced steel and uses a black powder-coated finish for long-lasting durability. It is then lined with soft tubing to secure your banjo in place, prevent any scratches, and protect the nitrocellulose lacquer finish. The authentic North American hardwood block comes in many colors to choose from including oak and cherry, or you can opt for the metal plate option if that better suits your space.

Whether you're mounting a heavier bluegrass banjo or a lightweight open-back banjo, you can trust String Swing with the sturdy support of your valuable piece.

Mount All Your Instruments with String Swing

As the leading choice for displaying a variety of instruments including guitars, mandolins, violins, and more, String Swing is your go-to for mounting a banjo, or even better, building a complete stringed instrument wall display. The possibilities for your collection are truly endless. Purchase multiple banjo hangers, mount them alongside a multi-guitar rack, throw in a mandolin, and you've got yourself a sweet wall to elevate your home.

For multiple banjos, especially in retail settings, our Wood Island Rack is an amazing space saver and display that can accommodate up to 12 total banjos. No matter which instrument or configuration you are looking for, we’ve got you.

Don’t take our word for it

How to Hang Your Banjo

Before choosing exactly where to hang your banjo, you'll first want to consider a few factors. Finding a room with the right conditions, typically between 66-77°F and 40-50 percent humidity, will help you preserve your instrument. Always store instruments away from direct sunlight to avoid any discoloration and drying them out. And lastly, mounting your banjo to a wall stud will help ensure complete support.

With easy installation and all the necessary mounting hardware, our banjo holder will make mounting your banjo a breeze. Simply choose your wall location and screw it into the wall stud. Drywall anchors are included with our hanger if a wall stud isn't accessible. Turn the cradle into the hole of the block until snug and in the correct position.

American-Made Storage Solutions

String Swing manufactures the best instrument storage solutions in the music industry, right here in the United States. After developing our guitar hanger in 1987 and perfecting its design, we've since expanded to a variety of storage solutions including violins, ukuleles, trumpets, and the list goes on. Trust our banjo hangers to safely and securely mount your favorite banjo. Not sure what will work best for your collection? Contact our team of experts to help find a storage system to fit your unique needs.