Experience the combination of design, safety, and accessibility with our cello storage, crafted to embrace the unique size and weight of your cello, allowing it to become an accessible instrument and a beautiful piece of décor.

Storing Your Cello with Confidence

The cello is not just an instrument but a valuable piece of art, its storage needs to be given special consideration. String Swing's wall mount cello hanger is specially designed to cater to the size, weight, and headstock of a cello, ensuring its safety and accessibility. With expert design and American-made quality, you can now hang your cello in any room with the confidence that it's secure and ready to be played.

Applications of the Wall Mount Cello Hanger

Whether it's your living room, studio, music shop, or classroom String Swing's cello hanger offers you the flexibility to display your cello wherever it's most convenient. Its sturdy construction makes it suitable for both home and professional environments, turning your cello or cello collection into a visual masterpiece. Hang your cello in a way that complements your interior or design a custom instrument wall with multiple hangers.

Quality & Craftsmanship

String Swing is an innovator and leader in musical instrument storage. Our wall mount cello hanger exemplifies our commitment to quality, no matter what instrument we are helping to store. Crafted with care and attention to every detail, the hanger is more than a storage solution; it's an investment in the longevity of your cello. Rest easy knowing that American-made products are protecting your cherished instrument.

How to Properly Hang Your Cello

Proper storage of your cello is vital to maintain its appearance, sound, and structural integrity. The wall mount cello hanger by String Swing is designed to support your instrument without putting undue stress on it. Its intuitive design accommodates the specific dimensions of your cello, ensuring that it's held securely without any risk of damage. Follow our simple installation guide and your cello will be safely hung and uniquely displayed.

Don’t take our world for it

Trusted Instrument Solutions

Since 1987, we have been committed to delivering the best storage solutions for musicians and enthusiasts alike. Our cello hanger is another proud addition to our range of instrument solutions, providing personalized, quality storage for string, wind, and brass instruments. Trust in our legacy and let your cello be appreciated and played at a moment's notice. Explore more instrument solutions from String Swing.